Contact lenses

Our opticians continually train on the latest generations of lens types and materials ensuring you of the clearest and most comfortable vision for healthy eyes. We will advise you on the right lenses to suit you and your lifestyle whether it’s daily disposables for convenience, to progressive lenses, coloured lenses, lenses to correct astigmatism or extended wear/overnight lenses.

No matter what brand your currently wearing, we will be able to provide lenses for you. If you are looking to change from your current provider and want the convenience of paying for contact lenses by Direct Debit then give us a call for further information and a no obligation quote. 

Fancy trying contact lenses FREE?

We supply all types of contact lenses at internet competitive prices and we can deliver lenses direct to your door for added convenience. You can even try them FREE with our no obligation comfort trial! Please click here.

Contact lenses can be great for kids

Contact lenses for kids can boost confidence, self esteem and helps with sports when glasses can often be inconvenient such as playing rugby or gymnastics. They can improve performance as they give excellent all round vision and daily lenses are easy and hassle free to wear without any cleaning regimes. Our experts will teach them how to look after them and will recommend the healthiest options for your child. Contact lenses can be a fun alternative to glasses, give us a call for more information.